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Locus 17|a

Works by Thessaloniki creators

Vitruvian Thing, Ptolemaeon 29A, 4th floor, 54630, Thessaloniki

A non-festivalic projection event, essentially an initiative to showcase work in the genres of video dance and experimental shorts, produced in the city of Thessaloniki. It seeks to make a statement that the enjoyment of time-base media in particular requires active participation to some extent, like the need for the audience to attend a presentation, as opposed to having the works reside in an always-available platform like the internet, at least not exclusively. To augment the delivery method, Vitruvian Thing employs a 4.8m well-framed projection surface and quality audio for an experience that borders on the cinematic.

Total duration: about 1 hour.

Attendance by reservation only, due to limited seating.

Αdmittance by unspecified contribution policy

At Vitruvian Thing, we acknowledge the difficult financial circumstances of this period. So, unless otherwise noted, admittance to the events we host entails an unspecified amount: you decide how much the ticket should be and, in doing so, you are supporting the artists and helping Die Wolke keep the venue running. At the entrance, we issue donation coupons to acknowledge your contribution, equivalent to receipts, as required by law.

So, upon arrival at Vitruvian Thing and checking in at the welcome desk, you can choose your own price of admission: literally as much as you think is just right for you. You receive your coupon, and enjoy the show.

Projected works:

HeArt Attack Films

AsphyxiA (2016)

[Directed/edited/post-production:Evi Minou] [Written/produced:Chrysanthi Chasioti] [Music:Andriana Minou] [Sound Design/recording:Evi Drakopoulou][Makeup artist: Ourania Aisthitikidou] [Set designer: George Dernikas] [1stAD: Ilma Tyrbetari] [Script/2nd AD: Domna Tsakiridou]

L. reducta dance project

Antilogue's graveyard (2016)

Xanthippi Papadopoulou: Idea, Choreography, Performer | Panos Boudouroglou: Direction, Cinematography, Editing

Fenia Kotsopoulou

IN side out (2016)

performance/choreography: Sara Marasso music: Stefano Risso, camera & editing: Fenia Kotsopoulou, sound design & audio-post: Daz Disley, Stefano Risso

Miltos Sfougarelis

hands (2016)

Miltos sfougarelis, Panos Koutelis, Danaye Grammenou, Jiannis Lazaridis

Evi Tzortzi

antanaclasis (2010)

Concept-Direction-Production:Evi Tzortzi Choreography-Performance:Evi Tzortzi Art direction-Direction of photography:Nikos Nikolopoulos Music:Anastasis Grivas Post production:Nikos Amanitus Set designer:Omiros Kosmidis Costume designer:Maria Ilia Make up artist:Ioanna Simeonidou Technician:Christos Moshos

Stelios Leris

Depersonalize (2016)

Stelios Leris, Zoanna Ifantidou, Kiki Kouzounia

Natasha Vakouftsi Aneta Parpouli Olina Ikonomidou

Slipstream (2016)

Natasha Vakouftsi Aneta Parpouli Olina Ikonomidou

Maria Garefi - Margarita Symeonidou

Endotera (2016)

Videography-Video Editing: Koumelas Vaggelis Special Thanks: Lalos Elias , Karpetis Stefanos Filmed at: Indoor Paintball Slaughterhouse

Die Wolke art group

Imago Ep.II: Symmetry (2016)

Written and directed by Dani Joss. Choreography: Drosia Triantaki. Art direction: Aliki Iosafat. Starring Drosia Triantaki, Constantinos Katsamakis, Nana Kouli, and Luke Prodromou.