A-live for not thinking //
the instrumental session

Vitruvian Thing, Ptolemaeon 29A, 4th floor, 54630, Thessaloniki

Vitruvian Thing hosts UnknownArtist in a live electronic music performance, with new sounds from his all-new and upcoming album in a version that gives way to the sounds of a synthesizer and a computer.

Fifty minutes of ambient music, a soundscape trip from the airports of a new world to the last glimpse of September’s sea, driving through the endless highway tunnels, as a child dreaming out of the car’s rear window. The soundtrack to an untitled film, living in a pool on frozen Kilimanjaro.

Τwo shows, 20:00 and 22:00!

Αdmittance by unspecified contribution policy

At Vitruvian Thing, we acknowledge the difficult financial circumstances of this period. So, unless otherwise noted, admittance to the events we host entails an unspecified amount: you decide how much the ticket should be and, in doing so, you are supporting the artists and helping Die Wolke keep the venue running. At the entrance, we issue donation coupons to acknowledge your contribution, equivalent to receipts, as required by law.

So, upon arrival at Vitruvian Thing and checking in at the welcome desk, you can choose your own price of admission: literally as much as you think is just right for you. You receive your coupon, and enjoy the show.


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