Sancho 003

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Sancho 003

Live at Vitruvian Thing

Vitruvian Thing, Ptolemaeon 29A, 4th floor, 54630, Thessaloniki

*! Midnight special show !*
After high demand, Sancho 003 will perform for an additional nocturnal set, the content of which is a surprise!
Monday 20/3, 24:00 - 01:00

Kostas Pantelis: el. guitar
Fotis Siotas: violin, viola

Sancho 003 return to Thessaloniki after one year for three performances at Vitruvian Thing’s stage, with new material that will be released later in 2017.

Sancho 003 are Kostas Pantelis, (el. guitar) and Fotis Siotas (violin, viola), occasionally also featuring Sotiris Douvas (drums). The ensemble is together since 2008 and have recorded two records (We Buy Gold - Quetempo 2009 and Muzga - Inner Ear 2012). They produce electroacoustic soundscapes using looping technique in all their, strictly instrumental, compositions.

They have performed at Sync festival 2008, video dance festival 2008, festival adriatica 2009, and more than 100 small venues in Greece and Cyprus. They collaborated with Erasers for the play Wave for Athens Festival 2010, while they have also composed music for, among others, Ena AKoma kai Fygame (Filippon festival 2010), To Lose Lautrec (NTNG 2010), O Kipos tou Profiti (NTNG 2011, by dance group Sinequanon) and Katastroupoli (Porta theatre, Athens festival).


Muzga @Bandcamp:

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