Discrete Works at Vitruvian Thing, 19-20 March 2016
Extension! Sat 22 Oct, 22:00

Discrete Works II

at Vitruvian Thing

Ptolemaeon 29A, 54630, Thessaloniki

Die Wolke Art Group, within the context of its research on original creative material, presents the second iteration of Discrete Works, with five autonomous contemporary dance pieces that revolve around motion in relation to space. The works are choreographed by Drosia Triantaki on music by Dani Joss.

Discrete Works is more of a condition rather than a performance per se: it represents a set of choreographic constraints under scrutiny, as well as a continuously evolving interpretation of Dani Joss’ musical compositions. This second iteration includes the evolution of the choreography on Shaper of Form and new work on parts of Liquid Photography, revisits Lattice 1, and focuses on a musical/kinetic experiment in progress called “Sieve”, where each of four instruments is independently choreographed, with the final result assembled using a 4x4 grid.

Show duration: 60 minutes.
Performers: Faedra Charalampidou, Penny Eleutheriadou, Vaya Kapousidou, Drosia Triantaki
Lighting: Eleni Choumou